5 Ways Halloween Can Make Your Local Business Spooktacular

5 Ways Halloween Can Make Your Local Business Spooktacular


Marketing, and keywords, and witches, oh my!


With Halloween landing on a Tuesday, it's too good of a marketing opportunity to pass. You're probably thinking it's too late to cash in on the spooky holiday, however, there's no better time to promote your brand than during the work day. More than 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, so we have compiled a list to make sure your company gets the Halloween boost it deserves. With a list this good, it's almost scary.


Social Media Presence


Your social media game is gravely important on Halloween. The goal is to engage your audience, not sell to them. Getting their engagement will have a lasting effect whereas strictly selling to them will make them aware of the Halloween gimmick.


A good way to engage with your local community is through Facebook and Instagram. The same content can be posted to both pages with numerous possibilities for interactions. Draw in your audience with chilling puns. Remember, it's about engaging. For example, if you own a small grocery store a good post may read "Hauntingly low prices." Although it may seem silly this is sure to show your followers that there is a person behind the business.


Another good way to gain attention online is by holding a photo contest. Don't spend a lot of time thinking about the prize. The challenge here is to make your post trend among your community. People love prizes, and contests. So, what better way to promote your local business than with a Halloween photo contest. Depending on your business you can have a "Most scary plumber" contest, or a "personal trainer pumpkin" contest, the goal is to turn people's heads and make your local business known in the process.


Connect Halloween to Your Product

Whether a coffee shop, convenience store, or start-up company it's important that you connect your product(s) to the spooky day. For example, a cauldron themed espresso would be great for a local coffee shop because it's the only place the community can get such a unique drink that day. Whatever your business specializes in it should have a Halloween twist.


Head Turning Decorations

Decorating may not seem necessary, but it is the best way to gain attention. By decorating your small business, the community will know your business is inviting. If you want business on Halloween you need to let people know you're participating in the celebration. Make yourself known, but don't break your budget. A simple decoration goes a long way in making a statement.


Trick-or-Treat at Work

Most work days are 9-5 and school days normally end around 3pm. With travel and costume changing time this means you have one hour to draw people into your business. With your social media game going strong and your online costume contest you are sure to have brought in a crowd to trick-or-treat at your establishment. Yes, candy will come at a cost, but getting people to physically visit your business will higher your return rate.

Fun Fact: 90% of parents admit to sneaking goodies from their kids’ Halloween trick-or-treat bags. To get ahead of the curve throw in some candy treats you personally enjoy.


Give Advice

Halloween is a time where it's great to have fun, but also important to be warry of danger. This is your chance to really show your community that you care about their safety. Through social media, and through outside signs you can give advice to children and parents on Halloween safety. This will give you recognition and respect as a business.



With all these great ideas you are sure to bring in a crowd and get your local business on the map. To make everything easier you can contact ignitedLocal and ask how you can sign up for our social media scheduling software.